::The Courses::

1. Keyboards

  • Graded Classical Piano (ABRSM/ TrinityGuildhall)
  • Children Piano
  • Junior Popular Piano
  • Adult Popular Piano
  • Popular Keyboard

2. Strings

  • Graded Classical Guitar (ABRSM/ TrinityGuildhall)
  • Popular/Electric Guitar
  • Junior Popular Guitar
  • UKulele fun Class
  • Graded Violin (ABRSM)

3. Wind Instruments

  • Saxophone
  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Trumpet

4. English Speech and Drama

  • Speech and Drama for Children (AceKid)
  • Acekid English Reading Class
  • Ace Public Speaking (For age 12years old and above)
  • Spoken English Classes for Beginners

5. Early Music Programme for 3-5 years old

  • AceKid First Piano Adventure
  • ::OUR TEAM::

    Music Director:
    TheangLim Hoong Ming
    Mrs WongLim Yoke Hoo

    Lim Hoong Bee
    Lim Yu-Yao
    Jessica Hiew
    Susan Khoo
    Ashley Wong
    Summer Chiang
    Rae Seak
    Tan Wei Chiann
    Leong Pei Yei
    Sunny Seak
    Hoh Ngah Sin
    Yvonne Chin
    Apple Lek
    Loh Cheng Yan
    Geraldine Yong
    Yee Huey Ling


    K.F Theang
    Eugene Koh
    Austin Yew


    Celina Hoo
    Teoh HanPei

    Wind Instruments:


    Speech & Drama:

    H.E Lim B.sc. Celta